Aikido classes at Center Point are always challenging and rewarding.

We do a lot of weapons and hand-to-hand technique every class, and it’s all self-defense orientated. Students work at their own level and pace, but are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and push their boundaries a bit. Beginners are most welcome, as well as experienced students.

We offer two weeks free for prospective members. After that, it’s a monthly fee, no contract, come and go as you please.

Classes are held Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM at Shore Kickboxing, 2970 Yorktowne Blvd, Brick Township, NJ.

Aikido classes are led by Sensei Craig Johnson.

Center Point Aikido is a member dojo of the United States Aikido Federation.

Click here for the US Aikido Federation Student guide :


Rules and Etiquette:

  • Always have a clean gi (uniform)
  • Please keep all nails trimmed and clean
  • No jewelry should be worn while training
  • Have clean breath
  • Place all shoes, clothes and bags in the proper location
  • Help to keep the dojo clean where possible
  • If needed, wear a headband to help with sweat on the mat
  • Keep a towel close by if you need to dry off periodically
  • Try to be at class early to be prepared to start on time
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness
  • Take good ukemi and don’t overly resist, let your partner practice the technique
  • If your partner doesn’t understand the technique being practiced, guide them with your ukemi. Don’t assume to be the instructor or lecture them on the technique
  • If you need to leave the mat during class, please inform the instructor
  • Practice at home